The struggles of producing a sustainable food source

The open call will be held from 28 March to 22 April The theme for the session of the Economic and Social Council is "Implementing the post development agenda:

The struggles of producing a sustainable food source

Share via Email 10 sustainable foods. Romas Foord Everyone suspects their shopping basket is a window into their soul. If a soul is in good nick, what should that basket look like? Here I have put together 10 food items that represent the ultimate in sustainability.

My aim was to find foods that have no ethical issues attached, few critics if any and a cohort of experts broadly agreeing that they are good for the planet.

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There were problems, too, with ethical labels. Who knows whether bird-friendly or forest-grown coffee is best, or if Utz Kapeh beats Rainforest Alliance when it comes to saving jaguars? The Marine Stewardship Council logo carries some guarantees — but certification reports show that even MSC fisheries have their share of environmental impacts.

Even the Fairtrade mark appears only once in this list. While it may guarantee "a better deal for Third World producers", some say Fairtrade prices are set too low — especially for coffee. By selling into premium markets, farmers could earn more money.

The struggles of producing a sustainable food source

Top of the agenda are carbon sequestration locking CO2 into the soil and making it safecrops that "fix" nitrogen so do not require fertilisers, and conserving natural resources such as water.

Benign aquaculture is another recurring theme. To eat ethically, it seems, you need a clear grasp of science, a knack for lateral thinking — and an experimental palate.

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Aquaculture takes pressure off wild fish stocks, and mussels are the most sustainable farmed species. As filter-feeders, they require no food inputs the biggest challenge facing fish farmers and produce minimal "outputs" eg, surplus feed and effluent. Highly sensitive, they are barometers of pollution rather than agents of it.

Spawned in the wild, "spats" attach naturally to ropes and are not confined — and harvesting does not damage the seabed. Legumes are good "fixers" of nitrogen, taking the inert gas from the atmosphere and converting it into biologically useful ammonia NH3 on which plants and other organisms depend.

Beans like peas, lentils, peanuts, soya and alfalfa can fix up to kg of nitrogen per hectare planted, reducing or eliminating the need for fossil fuel-based fertilisers and saving up to kg of CO2 emissions per hectare.

The higher the demand, the better it is for the planet. Widely available but the best choice is British in season and, of course, organic.

The most popular farmed species are carnivorous, requiring fish meal or oil in their diets — depleting the oceans further.

The struggles of producing a sustainable food source

Omnivorous carp live off insects, grasses and algae in the pond ecosystem, supplemented by foods wheat, beans, worms that can be grown or found locally. This eliminates "feed miles" and pellets made from imported cereals, a high-energy, high-carbon food source. Freshwater ponds are contained, so there are no "escapes" which can spread disease to wild fish and relatively little pollution.

Supermarkets sell carp at Christmas, but the greenest come from Jimmie Hepburnaquavisiononline. In London, try Davies Fishmongers In North America, much of the prairie has been given over to arable farming using fertilisers, which has turned it into a dustbowl.

Bison are restoring it, by "mob grazing" in groups, moving on, fertilising the soil naturally and helping to save an ecosystem that mops up CO2 like a sponge.

Bush Farm, Wiltshirebisonfarm.

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In one case, highlighted in a Forum for the Future study of six orchards in Herefordshire, fruit represented only 0. Buy imported Galas, and all this will be lost. Like the prairies see Bisonmoorland in Britain acts as a "carbon sink", with peatland storing 3bn tonnes of carbon — equivalent to 20 years of emissions by the UK.Crickets are a delectable, affordable, and environmentally friendly protein source already eaten in some parts of the world.

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