The ealy life and times of author nicolia v gogol

A member of the petty Ukrainian gentry and a subject of the Russian Empire, Gogol was sent at the age of 12 to the high school at Nezhin. There he distinguished himself by his biting tongue, his contributions of prose and poetry to a magazine, and his portrayal of comic old men and women in school theatricals.

The ealy life and times of author nicolia v gogol

Although his early works were heavily influenced by his Ukrainian upbringing, he wrote in Russian and his works belong to the tradition of Russian literature. The novel Dead Soulsthe play The Government Inspector, and the short story The Overcoat are among his masterpieces.

Provenance and early life Gogol was born in the Cossack village of Sorochyntsi, Poltava guberniya now Ukraine.

Mature career

His father was Vasily Gogol-Yanovsky, a small squire and an amateur Ukrainian playwright who died when the boy was 15 years old. Some of his ancestors culturally associated themselves with Polish szlachta. In Gogol went to a school of higher art in Nezhin currently Nizhyn and remained there until It was there that he began writing.

He was not very popular among his school-fellows who called him their "mysterious dwarf", but with two or three of them he formed lasting friendships.

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Very early he developed a dark and secretive disposition, mingled of painful self-consciousness and boundless ambition. Equally early he developed an extraordinary mimic talent which later on made him a matchless reader of his own works and induced him to toy with the idea of becoming an actor.

Inon leaving school, Gogol came to Petersburg, full of vague but glowingly ambitious hopes. He had it published, at his own expense, under the name of "V.

Unfortunately it was met by the magazines with deserved derision.

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He bought all the copies and destroyed them, swearing never to write poetry again. He was in touch with the "literary aristocracy", had a story published in Delvig's Northern Flowers, was taken up by Vasily Zhukovsky and Pyotr Pletnyov, and in was introduced to Pushkin.

Literary development Cover of the first edition of The Government Inspector Inhe brought out the first volume of his Ukrainian stories Evenings on a Farm Near Dikankawhich met immediate success.

It was followed in by a second volume, and in by two volumes of stories entitled Mirgorod, as well as by two volumes of miscellaneous prose entitled Arabesques. At this time, Gogol developed a passion for Ukrainian history and tried to obtain an appointment to the history department at Kiev University.

The ealy life and times of author nicolia v gogol

Despite the support of Alexander Pushkin and the Russian minister of education Sergey Uvarov, his appointment was blocked by a Kievan bureaucrat on the grounds that he was unqualified.

His fictional story Taras Bulba, based on the history of Ukrainian cossacks, was the result of this phase in his interests. During this time he also developed a close and life-long friendship with another Ukrainian then living in Russia, the historian and naturalist Mykhaylo Maksymovych.

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Indeed, throughout his life Gogol maintained close contact with his fellow countrymen.understanding the triggers diagnosis and control of and The ealy life and times of author nicolia v gogol research papers.

Free Shakespeare Sonnet the causes symptoms and diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease an analysis of a man for all seasons a book by robert bolt a research of the sir model papers. Nikolay Gogol, in full Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol, (born March 19 [March 31, New Style], , Sorochintsy, near Poltava, Ukraine, Russian Empire [now in Ukraine]—died February 21 [March 4], , Moscow, Russia), Ukrainian-born humorist, dramatist, and novelist whose works, written in Russian, significantly influenced the direction of Russian literature.

The ealy life and times of author nicolia v gogol

Examine the life, times, and work of Nikolai Gogol through detailed author biographies on eNotes. Nikolai Gogol Biography. Homework Help Early Life. Nikolai Gogol was born on March Nikolai Gogol essays The man Nicolia V.

Gogol a well known author, a look at his life and events that effected him as a man and a writer. Through writing Gogol expressed his emotions, and used his since of humor to write stories that involve life through injustice and other literary devises.

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Nikolai Gogol (–) was a novelist and political satirist. The author of _Dead Souls_ and _The Overcoat_, he is considered one of Russia’s greatest writers.

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