Self driving car research paper

Driverless car white paper by KPMG: Why own a car? Posted on by Dr. Alexander Hars When KPMG released their first white paper on self-driving cars in latewe were surprised at how little thought they had given to the disruptive potential of fleets of driverless vehicles.

Self driving car research paper

Cybersecurity in self-driving cars: U-M releases threat identification tool

Save MacCallister Higgins Apple, which has been famously tight-lipped on its self-driving vehicle research, has posted what looks like its first public research on the subject, notes Reuters. The paper is listed on the public site Arxivoften used by researchers to get preliminary feedback before publishing in a final form.

That would make it easier for autonomous cars to not just spot the location of objects, but determine critical information like whether they're pedestrians or cyclists.

While the scientific part of the paper is interesting, the most surprising part about it is that it exists at all. Until recently, Apple has kept most of its research in-house, but its approach can make it hard to attract the best scientists and engineers who want their work published and peer-reviewed.

The paper in Arxiv, however, is its first external publication on self-driving cars. LiDAR is great at figuring out the exact position of objects in 3D space, but they have a notoriously low resolution. In order to figure out exactly what the object is, vehicles must therefore also rely on other sensors and cameras.

That adds costs and processing bottlenecks. Apple's team has achieved "highly encouraging results" in using AI to examine the sparse LiDAR data alone and pick out distant pedestrians and cyclists.

Self driving car research paper

The researchers say they've achieved better results so far than other methods, something that could one day make self-driving cars both cheaper and safer.

The research is still in the early phases, though, and hasn't yet been road-tested. Apple chief Tim Cook has called self-driving cars "the mother of all AI projects," and the research indeed shows how autonomous driving benefits from machine learning.

The paper is also a sign that both AI and self-driving are challenging to a point that Apple can no longer go it alone on research.the people's comma the paper. Learning a Driving Simulator. the driving dataset.

7 and a quarter hours of largely highway driving.

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We prefer to use the term “autonomous car” rather than “self-driving car” or. THE RUDERMAN WHITE PAPER SELF-DRIVING CARS: THE IMPACT ON PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Henry Claypool Amitai Bin-Nun, Ph.D. Jeffrey Gerlach January On Self-Driving Car Technologies The Impact On People With Disabilities And The U.S.

Apple Self-Driving Car News: Research Paper Reveals Tech Giant's Autonomous Vehicle Software

Economy The Impact On People With Disabilities And The U.S. Economy Self-Driving Cars The Impact On People. Apple has been extremely tight-lipped when it comes to their self-driving car project.

However, a recently published research paper seemingly shows the first glimpse into what the Cupertino-based tech giant is working on.

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