Online consumer behavior an exploratory study

This study identifies and discusses factors that influence international online purchases and profile the characteristics of those who purchase and those who do not purchase from online stores overseas in three main categories:

Online consumer behavior an exploratory study

With intrnt pntration improving in th country, smart phons bcoming affordabl and lifstyls bcoming hctic, th way popl usd to shop ar changing.

Also with a hug chunk of young and working population, Indian dmographics ar a dlight for -commrc rtailrs. But to gain th trust and attntion of Indian consumrs in this virtual shopping world thr ar many aspcts of consumr bhavior which nd to b xplord.

What xactly is Indian consumr thinking whn h is buying onlin, what ar his xpctations, apprhnsions, anxitis and phobias which -rtailrs nd to ovrcom. Is an Indian onlin consumr comfortabl with th click-of-th mous buying, any improvmnts or aras which h thinks nd to gt addrssd, any spcific part of onlin buying which dlights him.

To answr such quris th prsnt study givs an insight. This study aims to idntify th main factors which an onlin buyr considrs whil making onlin purchass by using factor analysis.


Th rsults hav shown various rasons lik trust, information, convninc, xprinc, ffortlss shopping and bargain bcaus of which consumrs do onlin shopping.

Onlin Shopping, E-commrc, Consumrs, onlin buyrs. Introduction Onlin shopping, commrc, -tailing or any othr way in which you addrss it, but sal and purchas of rtail goods and srvics via wb has bcom an important part of shopping phnomna. It all startd inwhn worth multi-billion dollar ordrs wr placd through th wbsit of Dll Computrs.

Aftr that Amazon and Bay furthr popularizd it. And now thr is a hug dlug of wbsits slling varity of products. So thr lis a hug unxplord potntial for this trnd to rid th wav of Indian dmographic story.

Anothr point worth noticing is th gratr involvmnt of Tir-II citis in this activity.

Online consumer behavior an exploratory study

That s why this study is bing conductd in and around Chandigarh. Also th kind of convninc attachd by doing shopping with th click of th mous this trnd is furthr going to gt boost. Living pac is gtting fastr, our daily schduls ar gtting mor hctic and furthr with incrasing ful xpnss, trip to our favorit rtail stors has bcom costlir.

In such a scnario consumrs hav startd apprciating th hassl fr onlin shopping mod. Ys, visiting your favorit stor has a factor of hdonic plasur attachd to it, but as of saving tim, ful and fforts has startd taking prcdnc. In som countris -rtailing has alrady bcom quit popular whras in fw countris lik India it is at volving stag, with cosystm componnts lik, broadband pntration and smart phon ownrship not fully dvlopd.


All ths things takn togthr ar going to giv a nw twist to th businsss happning so far and disruptiv businss modls ar going to happn through -commrc mod. Rviw of Litratur Thr ar many factors which draw a consumr towards onlin purchas with fw lik accss to lots of information, comptitiv prics, grat choic, convninc tc.

Various studis hav trid to undrstand intrnt buying phnomnon from diffrnt angls. It has also bn obsrvd that cultural dimnsions of a nation lik bing individualistic or collctivist and masculin or fminin too ffcts th tndncy to buy onlin Chau t al.

Th onlin shopping xprinc can furthr b improvd if onlin vndors ngag with buyrs mor through social mdia, blogs, chat rooms tc. Th studis also rval that to undrstand th consumr psychology rgarding onlin purchas cannot b dirctly takn from normal rtail purchas, thr is a nd to sparatly undrstand this Chung t al.

Intrnt shopping and intractiv hom shopping will b prfrrd ovr traditional rtail formats du to tchnological advancmnts bcaus 98 2 G. Furthr onlin sarch rducs a buyr s sarch cost du asy and accssibl availability of information, rviws and onlin databass and consumrs us diffrnt stratgis whil sarching information on wb lik, choic of sarch ngin, information filtring tc.

Th litratur also has vidnc of rlation bing xamind btwn CRM practics and onlin rtailing. Th intrnt basd diffusion of tchnology has also bn hraldd as an important gam changr in th rlation btwn producr and consumr, if w s how historically changs hav com in th bhavior of consumrs ovr tim ld by cultural, social, political or tchnological dynamics and it has also changd th way comptitors gain advantag by looking for bst bargains in supply chain Dickson, 2.

Thn thr is also found to b diffrncs on th basis of gndr that information tchnology diffusion in shopping bhavior is obsrvd, with mal and fmals having variation in th way thy us and adopt tchnology Slyk t al. So it is also rquird to undrstand such gndr-basd diffrncs in contxt to wb-basd shopping.

Online consumer behavior an exploratory study

Furthr, in th sam study it has bn obsrvd that whn consumrs dvlop an association with a brand on wb community thy tnd to shar thir positiv xprinc and knowldg about th wbsits with othr prospctiv buyrs crating a strong positiv publicity for th -commrc sit.

Out of altrnativ rtail formats a customr slcts his prfrnc on th basis of crtain dimnsions lik: To support th onlin shopping rcall, th traditional mods of advrtismnt by using xprinc association mssags instad of itm spcific mssags should b usd, also it dpnds on that how th intgration btwn spokn and writtn words is maintaind which ffcts that mmory would b rtaind b a customr for long for that brand Tavassoli, Th factor of gaining trust of consumrs to go ahad with onlin dals without gtting jittry about thir confidntial financial and prsonal information is vry crucial Schlossr t al.

Th incrasing importanc of intrnt basd shopping is actually ncouraging vndors to go for multi-channl stratgy and us of multipl rtail formats simultanously spcially post dot-com burst, whr companis ar optimizing thir markting xpnditur by using thir intrnt fforts to nhanc customr rlationship Bart t al.

Furthr many charactristics of wb-sits and consumrs influnc wb-sit trust, lik: Nd of th Study With incrasing popularity of onlin shopping th comptition is gtting scalatd and thus it has bcom imprativ for -rtailrs to undrstand th motivators which bring consumrs to shop onlin Zhou t al.

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Morovr Indian markts ar still untappd in trms of onlin shopping phnomna and this trnd is still gaining popularity among consumrs. Also th rcntly don survys hav also indicatd th hug growth xpctd from nonmtros in th nar futur Googl, As th onlin buying trnd is gaining popularity in India and many companis aim to capitaliz on it, it bcoms significant to gt insight about th why, how and what of onlin consumr bhavior.

So this study tris to undrstand th antcdnts bhind th onlin purchas that too in Indian contxt. Objctiv of th Study Th objctiv of th study is to undrstand and find th factors which influnc th consumrs whil buying onlin.This study is a part of the exploratory, hypotheses-raising phase of a PhD research looking at factors affecting Egyptian consumers’ online buying behaviour.

While there is some evidence of differences. This study is a part of the exploratory, hypotheses-raising phase of a PhD research looking at factors affecting Egyptian consumers’ online buying behaviour.

While there is some evidence of differences. Request PDF on ResearchGate | An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Consumer International Online Shopping Behavior | Few studies in the literature on electronic commerce provide empirical.

Online daily dealing can be regarded as a process comprising information search, program evaluation, and purchase decision. It reflects several different kinds of consumer preferences, of which this study selected price, discount rate, product category, and period as the four representative attributes of choice.

To understand the dimensions of consumer behavior which doing online shopping, this study has been conducted with following particulars: Research Design: The research design is exploratory in nature as it just aims to figure out the main factors which a.

An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Consumer International Online Shopping Behavior: /ijebr Few studies in the literature on electronic commerce provide empirical investigation of consumer behavior in the international online shopping context.