Nathaniel stern how to write an artist statement worksheet

Hurst Thank you for this opportunity to share with you today. I count it a great honor.

Nathaniel stern how to write an artist statement worksheet

It elicits fluidly animated text as continuously shifting animations, varying characters and colors that float out from and around our movements, which in turn elicit fluid performances from us. With enterperformers use their bodies to grab animated words that constantly run away from them on a large projection screen.

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Touch any one, and it stops, turns red, and recites spoken word in the space. Here participants literally use their bodies to chase after words, turn on a phrase, or reach for the end of a sentence.

Their rapid and jerky styles amplify how saying and doing, affection and reflection, are often one and the same. Here an invisible and asymmetrical projection grid is saturated with trigger points, each activating animated text and spoken word as our bodies cross its path.

Some letters are much more difficult to scribe than others, and many of the more complex characters contain echoes of simpler ones, in how we must move — making writing both difficult, and sometimes accidental.

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The piece is less about accomplishing specific gestures, and more about encountering and rehearsing textual moving-thinking-feeling at large.

Body Language, as a collection of works, invites us to explore the reaches and limits of bodies and language, together, in order to better understand how they are formed, together.

It poses a challenge to how bodies are mediated and re-mediated in contemporary culture by putting embodiment and signification on the same plane of existence. And finally, it implicitly asks what is at stake in how we perform our bodies and our media.

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Each of the four electronic installations in the Body Language exhibition uses the moving-thinking-feeling body as an interface with language and technology. Body Language made with openFrameworks production team:MoaR I.

s' * Santa Rosa's Press r -7A^V SATURDAY April 16, I d (Pu ta x I Yiou on lyIhometown es INSIDE $$$ fuel booze battle The committee Grow Our. Crafting an artist statement, as part of exhibition and outreach efforts, culminates young people’s creative journey and furthers their development as artists.

nathaniel stern how to write an artist statement worksheet

This guide and worksheet offers tips and help for developing artist statements. The Artist’s Statement worksheet From the information you assemble we will create a three paragraph Artist’s Statement to include in your portfolio.

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Artist Statement Guidelines; Sample Artist Statements; GYST Services for Artists. Artist Statement Guidelines. Artists can send their artist statement for professional review.

GYST submission policies, examples of artist statements, and writing tips are found below: Why Write an Artist’s Statement?

nathaniel stern how to write an artist statement worksheet

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