Narrated slideshow powerpoint presentation

Students generally respond to a prompt or challenge which requires creativity and imagination to complete.

Narrated slideshow powerpoint presentation

Storytelling was not a criterion for winning the contest, and the winners are not professed to be good examples of presentation storytelling. But I have two reasons to give my two cents about the storytelling quality of the winning presentations: I have done so for all past contests.

Duarte presents a continuum in which reports are on one end, stories are on the opposite end, and presentations are in the middle.

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Unfortunately, all the winning facts-and-statistics-laden presentations in the SlideShare contest are much more on the report end than the story end. And none of the winning presentations come anywhere close to achieving the structure Duarte has developed below for presentations that resonate: It seems to me that while the production values in the contest entries continue to improve, the content declines because of the lack of storytelling.

None of the contest entrants seems to understand the value of story as a persuasive form of communication compared with facts and figures.

narrated slideshow powerpoint presentation

Even as someone who is adamantly anti-tobacco, I was completely disengaged and could barely sit through its 79 slides. I was slightly more engaged in this one than in the first-prize winner, but I think this one is what Duarte would characterize as a document, not a presentation.

It does get credit for a few minor story elements, mini case studies of businesses who do social media well. Despite excellent production values, I lost interest toward the end of the 82 slides. The SlideShare contest also offered category prizes: Mercifully, this presentation was only 39 slides.

The winner here, Hi, I am Bo! Curiously, this slide document, unlike all the other winners, did not even offer a call to action, so the viewer is left thinking: What would you like me to do about the fact that teens are obsessed with texting? This slide, text-heavy didactic how-to was a complete bore.

View more presentations from Betsy Streeter.Adding narration to PowerPoint presentations is easier than it sounds. You can record your voice to narrate your slide show and then link to or embed the sound .

narrated slideshow powerpoint presentation

How marvellous that the recent versions of Office automatically embed videos into PowerPoint instead of linking them.

And how frustrating when you bundle up your nicely self-contained multimedia presentation and someone else reports that the videos don’t play on their PC. Once you’ve exported the whole narration, go back to the first slide of your PowerPoint presentation and click Insert > Audio, and browse to the new audio file to embed it in the presentation.

The last job is to synchronise the voiceover with the slide animations and transitions, and here is .

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Here are my favorite tips on how to narrate a PowerPoint presentation better: To record narrations in PowerPoint, start off by finding the Slide Show tab on PowerPoint's ribbon. Discover More Great PowerPoint Tutorials (On Envato Tuts+).

You don’t have to stand in front of your audience to deliver a PowerPoint presentation. Record a voiceover narration and your slideshow can run on its own, be it in a kiosk or as a video. Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.

How to Record Narration in a PowerPoint Presentation