Minimization of human wants to stop corruption

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Minimization of human wants to stop corruption

When James Comey reopened the Clinton investigation ten days before the election in Octoberand Hillary's lead in the polls started to drop, the "insurance policy" became operational: The OIG, Michael Horowitzrequested oversight and Sally Yates responded with a lengthy page legal explanation essentially denying the request.

Rogers suspected FISA 17 — email and phone calls surveillance activity was being used for reasons he deemed unlawful. Ten days after the election, on November 17,Dir. Clapper then demanded Rogers be fired. January 4 January. Mike Rogers implemented a tightening of internal rules at the NSA.

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Christopher Steele emails Bruce Ohr: The fix was in from the gitgo. Much of the money was unspent after her loss.

Minimization of human wants to stop corruption

Mainstream media ignored the naked corruption until late October FBI inspector general notifies Senate that Hillary Clinton 's servers had been flagged for classified information. Andrew McCabe put in charge.

Terry McAuliffe 's political action committee for an unsuccessful state senate bid in Peter Strzok informed he failed polygraph exam; [16] nonetheless Strzok retains his security clearances.

Barack Obama announces final agreement on the Iran nuke deal. David Asher, Veteran illicit finance investigator at the Pentagon serving on the Project Cassandra task force looking into the Hezbollah criminal enterprise said that Obama administration officials expressed concerns to him about alienating Tehran before, during and after the Iran nuclear deal negotiations.

Some of its senior officials, including Jack Kelly the veteran DEA supervisory agent who created and led the task force, were transferred to other assignments. The derailment of Project Cassandra also undermined U. Inspector General Howard J.

Krongard regarding Clinton server says: It tells me that this was premeditated. FBI opens Clinton Foundation investigation. The fabrications of the foreign agent is the only basis of the Mueller investigation.

Steele and Bruce Ohr exchange emails: John Podesta emails Steve Elmendorf: Justice Anton Scalia was found dead in Poindexter's home days after the Podesta "wet works" email. Poindexter is a major Democrat donor. Steele emails Bruce Ohr, headlined "Re: Steele reported that there would be a U.

Steele said he would send the reporting to a name that is redacted in the email, "as he has asked, for legal reasons I understand, for all such reporting be filtered through him to you at DoJ and others.

Deripaska] contact represents a good opportunity for the USG. This is extremely interesting. I hope we can follow up in the next few weeks as you suggest. Manafort first contact to Trump campaign. Manafort had not been in contact with Trump for many years.

On April 18 Rogers cut off FBI contractor access completely Strzok April 30 text reveals an immediate stop gap workaround for direct surveillance which set off a flurry of activity within the White House, the Department of Justice and FusionGPS to circumvent the ban and continue the illegal surveillance.

After Carter Page became associated with the Trump campaign, the Obama FBI took details of the original Russian intelligence approach to Carter Page inin which Carter Page fully assisted the FBI to build a case against Russian spies, and fraudulently represented to the FISA court that the Russian recruitment effort against Page had been successful, leaving out the facts or "excuplatory evidence" of the case in which the DOJ publicly thanked and acknowledged Page as UCE-1 on March 11, without whom prosecution of the Russian spy network was not possible.

Evidence points to White House consent, direction and complicity. In Marchthe bogus Carter Page FISA application, with the Steele allegations Steele was a paid opposition researcher, a fact not widely known in March was leaked to the media by the Senate Intelligence Committee giving mainstream media impetus to the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

Peter Strzok left and Lisa Page rightprime low level suspects in the Obama administration's efforts to influence the outcome of a US election, and later remove President Trump."Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources.

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Aug 16,  · Although corruption is bad, so would be a world where the human desires are diminished. Humans want to procreate, to be free, to be happy, to grow and learn. Minimizing human wants is not a good way to Resolved. Box 2: Remnants of the Dop System. Piet A., a farmworker who recently started working at a new farm after working for over two decades on a different one, told Human Rights Watch that on the old.

To better understand the psychological experience of interrogation subjects, a recent experiment was designed to simulate a police interrogation and resulted in 81% of the subjects designated as “innocent” waiving their right to silence while only 36% of those designated “guilty” did the same (Kassin, ).This is very similar to the numbers waiving their rights in actual custody.

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