Income inequality in vietnam 2000 2010

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Income inequality in vietnam 2000 2010

For most nations that would be a stellar year — the United States managed 3. Driving the phenomenon are development policies that favor heavy industry, cities and special economic zones in coastal areas.

Inurban residents earned 2. The most commonly used measure of income inequality, the Gini coefficientranges from 0, which indicates perfect equality, to 1, as maximal inequality; a coefficient of 0.

A study published in the U.

Income inequality in vietnam 2000 2010

The researchers, Yu Xie of the University of Michigan and Xiang Zhou of Peking University, closely examined the factors that contributed to the income inequality in both countries. Since the s, income inequality in China has risen at a faster pace than in the United States.

Regional disparities are significantly higher in China than they are in the United States: This is in part because 7. High income inequality in China is not strictly a recent phenomenon: From a comparative perspective, other large developing or middle-income countries, such as Brazil, India and Indonesia, also exhibit similar patterns of large regional income disparities.

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Income inequality in vietnam 2000 2010

Please contact us here. Xie, Yu and Zhou, Xiang.Abstract. This study examines the asset and income pattern of poor ethnic minorities in Northern Mountains of Vietnam using data from a Northern Mountain Baseline Survey (NMBS) of the Second Northern Mountains Poverty Reduction Project and Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey (VHLSS) a member of the US Advisory Board.

July Median Income and Income Inequality: the household income of the median American was lower in than in , both because median income did not grow over the business cycle of and Is income inequality between the rich and the poor growing? 3. What has been the impact of. sector development and income inequality in Vietnam from to The results indicate that financial sector development has a positive impact on reducing income inequality; this.

How income inequality benefits everybody. In a file photo, Steve Jobs, then Apple’s chief executive, holds a new iPhone.

Table of Contents Abstract 3 Part 1 - Literature Review 4 Equity definitions 4 Measurements of inequality 4 Part 2 - Situation of Income Inequality in Vietnam in the period from to 7 . and Fofack () and Elbers et al. (). The objective of this study is to estimate poverty and inequality for rural Vietnam at different levels of aggregation by combining the Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey (VHLSS) from and the Rural Agriculture and Fishery Census from the same year. The World Bank places Vietnam out of ranked countries in terms of Gross National Income per capita (at purchasing power parity in ). 4 Low per capita income translates into high levels of deprivation in some key indicators.

(Paul Sakuma/Associated Press) Since , the price of a labour income inequality was by fa r the most important proximate determinant of the percent of the decline in inequality in and for percent of the decline in Chi, Li and Yu () for an application of wage inequality in China; Thu Le and Booth () for a decomposition in Vietnam; and Holmes and Mayhew ( The analysis uses panel data of households from rural Vietnam covering the period –, and a tracking survey of migrants from Evidence from Thailand suggests that migration reduces income inequality mainly through changes in the distribution of productive assets (Garip, () uses four indicators to assess the.

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