How to write an effective travel article about israel

Most of the passengers could not raise the funds themselves, so Kasztner auctioned off seats to wealthy Jews in order to pay for the others. But in the end the passengers were saved by being transported to neutral Switzerland in two contingents, in August and December respectively.

How to write an effective travel article about israel

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how to write an effective travel article about israel

After you know what is expected, you can bend the rules, expanding or contracting length for anecdotes, digressing with a personal association, or experimenting with style. Though the structural outline noted below is a useful general guideline, remember that how a writer organizes the anecdotes, encounters, factual background, closeups, long shots, historical detail, flashbacks, etc.

Much depends on the expectations of the editor and the publication. A skilled writer weaves in crucial points early in the story: Remember that a travel article, though classified as a feature, still uses many of the traditional elements of a news story.

Readers need to know where the story is based, who it concerns, how action unfolded, and so on. If you are new to travel writinghere is a checklist of the elements to be covered when writing an article.

Lead—snappy opening to attract reader interest Where—the place, grounding the reader in geography When—the season, grounding the reader in time, climate Who—introduce the writer, to identify with the reader Why—reason for the trip, the motive, draws the reader into the story How—the process of travel unfolding, framework and story line What—the story details, quotes from people in the place, anecdotes and facts End—wraps up the article, perhaps linking ending to lead.Health news with a focus on fitness news, wellness coverage and living a healthy Southern California life.

A tenured University of Michigan professor has been disciplined for refusing to write a letter of recommendation for a student who wanted to study in Israel.

Listen, I know you hear "Stockholm" and you might first think "cold." But you're wrong. Well, you're not entirely wrong. The city can be cold (it's Sweden, after all). Rezső Kasztner ( – 15 March ), also known as Rudolf Israel Kastner, was a Jewish-Hungarian journalist and lawyer who became known for having helped Jews escape from occupied Europe.

24 thoughts on “ Write a How-to Article in 6 Easy Steps ” abdulwajidlakhani December 30, at am Researching a topic is very essential and is the area where many of us fails. If you are a freelance writer or aspiring travel writer, you'll need to know the basics of travel writing.

Learn the structure of a travel article.

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