Help desk reports

Help Desk Reports module offers several in built data reports metrics and graphical reports to help you make decisions. Custom Reports and Schedule Reports help desk reports module offers plus pre defined reports available module wise, you can also define custom reports for MSP or schedule reports in advance.

Help desk reports

Self-help portal for users to search the knowledge base, submit requests and check status 2. Easy to use interface for technicians and managers to list, assign, resolve and close requests 3. Integration with email systems for importing emails and sending notification emails 4.

Support for multiple services with different users, technicians, forms, workflow and notification rules 5.

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Knowledge base, forums, product catalog management 6. Asset management and linking service requests to assets to keep track of asset service history 7.

Group based security and integration with Active Directory 8. Service billing, contract management, service level agreements SLAmultiple language support 9. Powerful report builder for building tabular and matrix reports It has always been efficient and simple to use. Users can track their requests easily and they feel like their requests are responded to in a timely fashion.

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Technicians can quickly glance at their workloads, see what they need to do, and get to work. Managers can get the reports they need and escalate issues easily. It is a perfect fit for our organization since it integrates with Active Directory.

All of our users and their contact info are automatically imported into the system, so we don't have to worry about account maintenance within nService.

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Most of our users enter their own tickets, which lets us keep our focus on getting the work done. It is also a huge time saver that when users email our help desk, a ticket is automatically generated and populated with their contact information from Active Directory.

Users can access nService using any web browser from any operating system. You can download free SQL Server.Compare leading Help Desk Software systems to find the best solution for your business. Reviews, free demos and price quotes. SolarWinds Web Help Desk uses cookies on our websites to facilitate and improve your online experience.

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Our service desk simplifies complex tasks and automates basic ones, while providing loads of metrics, reports, and configurations, without being overwhelming.

Help desk reports

Our History. Northeast Michigan is an expansion of Midland County's First Call for Help, which served only the residents of Midland County and Listening Ear, which served the . ExDesk offers you a help desk software solution that works your way, powerfully and affordably ExDesk is a complete help desk software solution for small and medium size businesses.

Jul 09,  · Thousands of people working for the State of California have "Analyst" in their job title. What does an analyst do? Analysts can work in operational areas, like personnel and finance, or in program areas, like health care.

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