Government response to hurricane katrina

It's a standing joke among the president's top aides: Warm and hearty in public, Bush can be cold and snappish in private, and aides sometimes cringe before the displeasure of the President of the United States, or, as he is known in West Wing jargon, POTUS.

Government response to hurricane katrina

An investigation singled out the New Orleans mayor not ordering an evacuation sooner.

Critical Challenge: National Preparedness

Story Continued Below 2. Hundreds of firefighters from other cities who volunteered to help in the response were rerouted to Atlanta, where they sat through two days of presentations on sexual harassment and the history of FEMA before being sent to New Orleans.

FEMA Director Michael Brown, who resigned over his handling of the response, later told a group of students that the White House only wanted to federalize the response in Louisiana, where the governor was a Democrat, and not in Republican-led Mississippi in order to embarrass Louisiana officials.

It was quickly waived after both Sept. Nearby Plaquemines Parish had ordered an evacuation a day earlier. Bush later said he thought New Orleans had dodged a bullet. In fact, the White House had been informed the night before that levees in New Orleans had broken and the city was flooding.


Before the storm hit, Amtrak ran equipment out of the city. With rooms for several hundred evacuees, they offered the spots to the city. Officials declined, so the train left with no passengers.

Five days after the storm hit, then-Rep.

The Government Response to Katrina: A Disaster Within a Disaster

Jefferson said he was on tour of his flooded district and trying to examine the damage.Unacceptable: The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina, is an excellent reminder of the tragedy that was Katrina, not just in terms of the physical severity of the storm itself but also of the government's severely limited, too-little-too-late response/5(3).

This is historical material, "frozen in time." The web site is no longer updated and links to external web sites and some internal pages will not work. The war in Iraq was a failure of intelligence. The government's response to Katrina--like the failure to anticipate that terrorists would fly into buildings on 9/was a failure of imagination.

Key Documents Regarding the Government Response to Katrina By ERIC LIPTON Congressional investigators have collected a number of documents that provide clues as to what went wrong in the federal and state response last year to Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster in modern United States history.

to do so. Government’s recognition and response to Katrina was confused, chaotic, and much slower. The widespread examples of successful private actioninequivalentcircumstancesafterKatrinaclearlydemonstratethatthese government failures were not endemic to the situation – they were potentially avoidable under the right incentive structure.

Feb 13,  · A congressional report to be released this week slams the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, calling it a "failure of leadership" that left people stranded when they were most in need.

Government response to hurricane katrina
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