Essay of back to front

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Essay of back to front

Explore human lineage through time: Current evidence suggests that the species in this genus eventually went extinct without leaving any descendants; the remains of P.

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Many of the features found in P. The premolars and molars of this species are very large especially in width with extremely thick enamel and the front teeth are very small. The bones comprising the face are massive and positioned far forward particularly on the sides of the face to provide a mechanical advantage to the masseter muscle, a chewing muscle that closes the jaw.

The mandible lower jaw of P. Finally, the places on the skull where the chewing muscles attached are enlarged. The sagittal crest the ridge of bone on the top of the skull extending from front to backin particular, is large and positioned more toward the front of the skull.

Other features characteristic of P. Many of these features are simply extreme versions of the features found in other species in the genus Paranthropus.

For instance, Essay of back to front mandible and cheek teeth are extremely large, the premolars particularly the fourth premolar are shaped more like molars than in other Paranthropus species, and the front teeth are extremely small relative to the cheek teeth.

The face of P. The zygomatic arch the bony arch formed by zygomatic [cheek] and temporal bones in P.

Essay of back to front

Other unique features found in P. The foramen magnum the hole in the base of the skull through which the brain stem passes is short and is often characterized as being heart-shaped, as opposed to the longer and more oval- or circular-shaped foramen magnum found in P.

The shape of the mandibular fossa, where the lower jaw connects to the base of the skull forming the jaw joint, in P. Lastly, the braincase the portion of the skull that surrounds the brain is larger than in P. As discussed above, the diagnostic features of P. Therefore, the postcranial features of P.


Some postcranial fossils that are more confidently associated with diagnostic P. Other postcranial fossils that may be those of P. The evolutionary relationships among early hominins, including P.

Likewise, no consensus has been reached on the taxonomy the scientific names given to species of the early hominin species. Most scholars recognize a number of unique features that are shared by all of the robust australopiths—P.

Some scientists, however, maintain that the features characteristic of the robust australopiths evolved independently in East and South Africa. Furthermore, scholars disagree about the precise phylogeny evolutionary relationships among the robust australopiths and other species in the genus Australopithecus see essays on Australopithecus africanus and P.

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The extreme size and shape of the skull bones of P. Consumption of these foods would have required P. Therefore, the tacit consensus among scientists has been that the diets consumed by P. This specialization on hard foods is thought to explain how the robust australopiths were able to coexist with other hominin species e.

The disappearance of these foods due to changes in climate or other factors on which the robust australopiths specialized has also been used to explain their eventual extinction; when these foods disappeared or became less abundant, the robust australopiths went extinct because they had evolved a specialization for a food that was no longer available.

Essay of back to front

Recent evidence from dental microwear the microscopic markings left on teeth by the food animals consumehowever, suggests that, instead of being the primary diet of P. In fact, some scholars have suggested that P.

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The habitats in which P. Studies of the specific environmental preferences of P.Sex and Psychological Operations. by: Herbert A. Friedman Warning! These historical wartime images are sexually explicit. This is a military reference site for adults only. Essay of "Back to front" Nick is the main character of the short story called "Back to front".

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