Edith stein dissertation

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: After completing her dissertation and working as Husserl's private assistant, Stein converted to Catholicism—in part through reading St. Teresa of Avila's autobiography—and was baptized on New Year's Day She then taught in a Dominican girls' school and, in the late twenties, began translating works by St.

Edith stein dissertation

Teresa Benedict of the Cross Edith Stein nun, Discalced Carmelite, martyr photo "We bow down before the testimony of the life and death of Edith Stein, an outstanding daughter of Israel and at the same time a daughter of the Carmelite Order, Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a personality who united within her rich life a dramatic synthesis of our century.

It was the synthesis of a history full of deep wounds that are still hurting All this came together in a single heart that remained restless and unfulfilled until it finally found rest in God. Who was this woman? Edith Stein was born in Breslau on 12 Octoberthe youngest of 11, as her family were celebrating Yom Kippur, that most important Jewish festival, the Feast of Atonement.

Edith's father, who ran a timber business, died when she had only just turned two. Her mother, a very devout, hard-working, strong-willed and truly wonderful woman, now had to fend for herself and to look after the family and their large business. However, she did not succeed in keeping up a living faith in her children.

Edith lost her faith in God. In she passed her school-leaving exam with flying colours and enrolled at the University of Breslau to study German and history, though this was a mere "bread-and-butter" choice.

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Her real interest was in philosophy and in women's issues. She became a member of the Prussian Society for Women's Franchise.

Edith stein dissertation

Then I lost interest in the whole issue. Now I am looking for purely pragmatic solutions.

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She became his pupil and teaching assistant, and he later tutored her for a doctorate. At the time, anyone who was interested in philosophy was fascinated by Husserl's new view of reality, whereby the world as we perceive it does not merely exist in a Kantian way, in our subjective perception.

His pupils saw his philosophy as a return to objects: Husserl's phenomenology unwittingly led many of his pupils to the Christian faith. Nevertheless, she did not neglect her "bread-and-butter" studies and passed her degree with distinction in Januarythough she did not follow it up with teacher training.

This was a hard time for her, during which she looked after the sick in the typhus ward, worked in an operating theatre, and saw young people die. When the hospital was dissolved, inshe followed Husserl as his assistant to the German city of Freiburg, where she passed her doctorate summa cum laude with the utmost distinction inafter writing a thesis on "The Problem of Empathy.

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In the synagogues and Protestant churches I had visited people simply went to the services. Here, however, I saw someone coming straight from the busy marketplace into this empty church, as if she was going to have an intimate conversation.

It was something I never forgot. The Reinachs had converted to Protestantism. Edith felt uneasy about meeting the young widow at first, but was surprised when she actually met with a woman of faith. I am coming to the living faith and conviction that - from God's point of view - there is no chance and that the whole of my life, down to every detail, has been mapped out in God's divine providence and makes complete and perfect sense in God's all-seeing eyes.

She wanted to work independently. It was not until that she saw Husserl again after her conversion, and she shared with him about her faith, as she would have liked him to become a Christian, too.

Then she wrote down the amazing words: Husserl wrote the following reference: Back in Breslau, Edith Stein began to write articles about the philosophical foundation of psychology.

She felt that one could not just read a book like that, but had to put it into practice. In the summer of Hedwig had converted to Protestantism with her husband. One evening Edith picked up an autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila and read this book all night. This is the truth. Edith Stein stood by the baptismal font, wearing Hedwig Conrad-Martius' white wedding cloak.

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At the Feast of the Purification of Mary - another day with an Old Testament reference - she was confirmed by the Bishop of Speyer in his private chapel.Edith Stein: The Untold Story of the Philosopher and Mystic Who Lost Her Life in the Death Camps of Auschwitz [Waltraud Herbstrith] on rutadeltambor.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This is the powerful and moving story of the remarkable Jewish woman who converted to Catholicism, gained fame as a great philosopher in Germany/5(27).

Edith stein dissertation

Edith Stein was born in Breslau on 12 October , the youngest of 11, as her family were celebrating Yom Kippur, that most important Jewish festival, the Feast of Atonement. "More than anything else, this helped make the youngest child very precious to her mother.". On the Problem of Empathy: The Collected Works of Edith Stein (3rd Volume) [Edith Stein, Waltraut Stein] on rutadeltambor.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Edith Stein's doctoral dissertation under Husserl, with index. Early in Edith Stein's philosophical output stands her doctoral dissertation defended in at Freiburg-im-Breisgau. On the Problem of Empathy is the fruit of several years /5(10). Edith Stein (religious name Teresia Benedicta a Cruce OCD; also known as St.

Teresa Benedicta of the Cross; 12 October – 9 August ), was a German Jewish philosopher who converted to Roman Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite rutadeltambor.comutes: Yellow Star of David on a Discalced Carmelite nun's habit, flames, a book.

The Collected Works of Edith Stein, student until the doctoral dissertation (Edith Steins Werke, 18 volumes). I – What Is Philosophy? According to Stein, Husserl and Aquinas were in substantial agreement about the nature of philosophical inquiry as a spirit and a potency that lives in.

Edith Stein () wrote her dissertation on phenomenology under Edmund Husserl, the founder of the contemporary philosophical movement most deeply influential for Pope John Paul II.

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