Characteristics of teenagers

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Characteristics of teenagers

Summary 3 Chris A. Boys with ADHD outnumber girls approximately three to one. The primary difference between girls and boys with ADHD is that boys are more aggressive.

The primary Characteristics of teenagers difference between children and teenagers is a reduction in hyperactivity during the teen years, which is often replaced by restlessness.

In addition, teenage girls may be react more emotionally because of their hormonal changes. ADD and ADHD are complex neurobiological disorders in which neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain, do not work properly. Researchers believe the neurotransmitters, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin are deficient.

In addition the white matter that carries messages between neurons, is also smaller. But there is no indication of brain damage. Finally, researchers have also reported a delay in key cognitive skills known as executive functions.

Sometimes referred to as the "CEO of the brain", these skills are essential for school success. There are two distinctly different types of Attention Deficit Disorder: Teachers call this ADD. Since symptoms of ADD or ADHD may be mild, moderate or severe or combined with other conditions, adults will see variability in skills and maturity levels in students with attention deficits.

ADHD often occurs with other conditions.

Characteristics of teenagers

Most research is done on children. However, when information is gathered on teenagers, the occurrence of these conditions tends to be higher.

For example, up to 50 percent of teenagers with ADHD were diagnosed with anxiety. When symptoms are severe plus co-occurring conditions are present, the attention deficit is much more challenging to the child, family and school to diagnose and treat effectively.

Russell Barkely a 30 percent developmental lag in age-appropriate skills is often present. Key deficits were noted in areas such as motor skills, memory, self-help abilities, personal responsibility, independence, and peer relationships. Consequently, these students often seem less mature and responsible than their peers.

A sixteen-year-old may act more like a ten or eleven-year-old, but want the freedoms of a twenty-one year old. Students with attention deficits may experience problems with some but not all of these behaviors: Executive function skills are critical for succeeding in school, yet are often lacking in many students with attention deficits.

A wide range of the frequency of these deficits is reported by experts percent. I tend to agree with Dr. Barkley who reports percent of our students have deficits in executive functions.

Simply stated, executive function refers to the brain's function as a CEO to analyze, organize, and plan. For more information read the section on Executive Function under "School Success".

Deficits in key executive functioning skills that interfere with their ability to do well academically may include: Some days they can do the work completely and accurately and most other days they can't.

Without medication, the student's ability to force himself to continually refocus on school work is impaired.

Misbehavior may be repeated. They "don't seem to learn from their mistakes. Furthermore, half are not getting restful sleep and are still tired even after eight hours of sleep. Consequently the student may be sleep deprived and sleep in class.To describe baseline characteristics of inner-city pregnant adolescent smokers and examine these variables as potential predictors of long-term tobacco abstinence.

Study Design Descriptive study design of the characteristics of pregnant adolescent smokers, with conceptual underpinnings from the Problem-Behavior Theory.

My personal feeling is that we shouldn't regard teenagers as a species apart. They're as different as any other age group are from one another.

So their only common characteristic is an age bracket. Teen protagonist -- If you're going to write a book meant to be read by young adults and dealing with young adult issues, you don't need your protagonist to be a man in his fifties. Welcome! The aim of this website is to explain Buddhism in a simple way to young persons but it can also be useful for adults who look for basic texts on the dhamma.

Eventually teenagers develop the capacity for falling in love and forming romantic relationships. Not all teenagers enter and exit adolescence at the same age or display these same behaviors.

What’s more, throughout much of adolescence, a youngster can be farther along in . For teen girls, it can be great to have a friend to talk to about boys or do each others makeup. For teen boys, it can be exciting to have a friend come over to watch the big game or work on the car with.

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