An essay on teenage piracy

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An essay on teenage piracy

Public Events Estimates attempting to measure the loss caused by piracy are problematic because of their methodology. A variety of problems arise: Decrease in Sales of Legal Copies The number of additional authorized copies that would be sold is not equal to the number of illegally duplicated copies.

Pirates typically sell their wares at prices substantially discounted from street prices; the substantial price discounts induce some people to purchase the product who would not otherwise do so. In addition, some unauthorized copies are produced for noncommercial reasons e. There is a substantial difference between getting a copy for free from a friend and having to pay the street price; hence some of these copies would not be purchased if the consumer had to pay something approximating the street price.

Retail Price Effects of Piracy Street prices are affected by the extent of illegal commercial copying. The availability of inexpensive, high-quality illegal copies reduces the demand for legal copies to the extent that some users buy illegal copies instead of legal ones.

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Interestingly, the effect on the street price of legal copies can either be positive or negative. The street price will rise if most price-sensitive consumers switch to illegal copies while the most price-insensitive consumers do not.

The street price will fall if consumers do not differ very much in price sensitivity. In this case all consumers are equally likely to buy from a pirate if given a chance, so that the effect of piracy is to make the demand for legal copies more price elastic. Estimating the Amount of Piracy Assuming that the extent of unauthorized copying can be estimated with reasonable accuracy, one cannot assume that all unauthorized copies are illegal and representing piracy.

In fact, the exact definition of what is and is not an example of legal copying is a matter of controversy.

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Different opinions on the legality of various actions lead to different statistics on the extent of and hence economic consequences of piracy. The Expectation of Piracy The expectation of illegal copying may cause some products not to be marketed at all, because the manufacturer does not believe that legal sales would be sufficient to recover the costs of production and distribution.

In this case the loss to rights holders is the profits and royalties that would have been earned had the product been created and brought to market.

Consumers also suffer a cost in this situation, equal to the difference between the values they would have placed on this product less the price they would have paid for it.

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Non-profit Losses There are of course also losses from piracy that do not directly concern profits. Counterfeit copies of movies, for example, can degrade the reputation of the movie maker in the eyes of viewers who see those badly made copies.

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Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from For this rousing, revisionist history, the former head of exhibitions at England's National Maritime Museum has combed original documents and records to produce a most authoritative and definitive account of piracy's "Golden Age.".

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Generating Ideas and Text In analyzing a text, your goal is to understand what it says, how it works, and what it means. To do so, you may find it helpful to follow a certain sequence: read, respond, summarize, analyze, and draw conclusions from your analysis. The Effects of Teen Pregnancy on Children - There are many obstacles for children of teenage mothers to face. These children have serious disadvantages in . What is Piracy? Essay Sample. Piracy is the unauthorized duplication of an original recording for commercial gain without the consent of the rights owner.

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And not only that, they coordinate with one another in an elegant. Piracy is the biggest problem faced today by the media industry.

A piracy essay is quite popular given the widespread issue of piracy.

An essay on teenage piracy

What is a piracy essay? Piracy is nothing but the use of unauthorised duplication by common people to earn a profit. Piracy essay is written about the act of duplicating an original.

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