Allan baillie family

Fossil record[ edit ] The earliest corvid fossils date to the mid- Mioceneabout 17 million years ago; Miocorvus and Miopica may be ancestral to crows and some of the magpie lineage, respectively, or similar to the living forms due to convergent evolution. The known prehistoric corvid genera appear to be mainly of the New World and Old World jay and Holarctic magpie lineages: The sexes are very similar in color and size.

Allan baillie family

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Early years[ edit ] Weston was born to Reta and W. Garfield Weston at Marlow, Buckinghamshire, near London, in October [3] — the youngest of nine children. Garfield, a Canadian businessman whose father George Weston established George Weston Limited, had successfully expanded overseas during the s by acquiring and modernising biscuit and bread factories throughout the United Kingdom.

InWeston and family returned to Canada but moved frequently as Garfield pursued various business ventures, which included supermarket chains in North America and Europe. Growing up, Weston worked in the stores that comprised his father's retail holdings. He once noted, "I've been a bag boy a thousand times in five languages.

A second location followed and the outlets evolved into the Powers chain of supermarkets. Weston found the Republic of Ireland a land of opportunity: Southern Ireland in the early Sixties, in terms of growth, was where the real opportunities existed.

The population was coming to Dublin, the European Community was becoming more and more aware of Ireland. Lemass was beginning to take a different perspective upon capital coming into the country and it looked like there was going to be a major opportunity for growth.

Four years later, he expanded his business interests with the purchase of a bankrupt department store Todd Burns which he renamed Penneys. Within a year, four more stores opened, all with a similar discount format.

Two years later, the first Penneys outside of Dublin was launched, followed by eleven more stores, including one in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Weston married Hilary Frayne, one of Ireland's top fashion models, in In the early Seventies, Weston expanded his grocery holdings with the acquisition of competitor Quinnsworth.

Loblaw[ edit ] InWeston was asked by Garfield Weston, Chairman of George Weston Limited, to take a look at Loblaws, the company's Ontario-based supermarket chain, which appeared headed for bankruptcy.

He found a company deeply in debt with too many small, aging outlets, and a market share recently cut in half. I felt that from a retailing standpoint Loblaws was the nucleus of potentially the finest company in Canada. Financing was arranged through a Weston family holding company to free Loblaws from store leaseback agreements.

Within a year, 78 money-losing locations were closed down.

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Weston noted that, "as a store chain, we didn't look very good. As a store chain, we looked very good indeed. If it works — good. Loblaws also introduced a new advertising campaign, featuring Canadian actor William Shatner of Star Trek fame who told viewers, "More than the price is right at Loblaws He eventually replaced William Shatner on television and became closely associated with the company's No Name and President's Choice brands.

With the company's holdings in the United States also losing money, particularly Chicago-based National Tea with some supermarkets, Weston initiated a similar program of rationalization and renewal.

He and Currie rented a townhouse in a Chicago suburb and spent months devising a plan that saw hundreds of outlets closed. Those stores that remained were renovated and rebranded in the hope of preserving the company's stake in the U.

Weston noted, "it was in the cards that National Tea should be, or would be, disposed of. But I felt we had a tremendous foothold in the U. Months later, he was also made company President.

Although market share in Ontario was regained, the company continued to struggle. That same year, Loblaw sold three unprofitable divisions - Chicago, Syracuse, and California State — representing stores or half of its remaining U.

For example, nothing is more disappointing for a consumer than to buy a private label product because of the attractiveness of its redesigned label and then find that the same quality that had disappointed her previously had not been improved.

Within weeks, some no name items had sold out. Months later, the company opened its first No Frills store, featuring no name, along with a limited selection of items at discount prices. Consumer response was so favourable that it began converting older, more marginal stores to No Frills outlets.

As the product line-up expanded, Loblaw soon began experimenting with a variety of gourmet no name items.Allan Stewart Baillie moved to Steubenville, Ohio in early s.

Residence in Jefferson Co., Steubenville, OH in and Ohio census records. Travel records from Ellis Island provide ages of family in and upon arrival. Ellis Island shows arrival in . by Allan Baillie, Wayne Harris Hardcover.

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Country music lyrics, guitar tabs/tablatures, chords source #1. This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.

Allan baillie family

Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience, and the Fight for a Sustainable Future.

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