A model of driving tests battery validation

If the numbers of persons and the difference in selection rates are so small that it is likely that the difference could have occurred by chance, the Federal agencies will not assume the existence of adverse impact, in the absence of other evidence.

A model of driving tests battery validation

Nonetheless, there is no question that all else being equal, a higher-performance car will get worse energy efficiency ratings than a lower-performance car.

A model of driving tests battery validation

ICE vehicles take an efficiency hit when you accelerate hard mainly due to the fact that you have to dump a large amount of fuel into the engine to get it to climb the torque curve, and the engine is not very efficient at low RPMs. With an electric motor, however, you get full torque right away.

You do have some losses in the form of IR drop if you demand high acceleration, but these are almost negligible. Not everyone wants to drive a sports car.

Tesla made a choice to focus more on performance.

A model of driving tests battery validation

An electric motor will not experience the same loss of efficiency that an internal combustion engine does simply by hard acceleration. In an ideal system, if you accelerate a mass from 0 to 60, you put the exact same amount of energy into the system whether that acceleration takes place over 5 seconds or In the real world, you have losses.

An internal combustion engine has many, including very low efficiency at low RPM. An electric motor has IR drop losses, which are minimal. Now if you constantly accelerate and decelerate and accelerate again, then yes, you are having to add energy into the system over and over and your efficiency will drop.

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